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221056 - Single Door Upright Refrigerator in ABS - 345L (AR40 White)

221056 - Single Door Upright Refrigerator in ABS - 345L (AR40 White)

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Model Number: AR40

The Hamoki ABS Series in White are compact, efficient, and space-saving appliances suitable for commercial, residential and industrial settings, typically within restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, and other food service establishments to store a wide range of perishable items such as food ingredients, beverages, and frozen goods.

Constructed with white thermoformed ABS interior and exterior, these upright refrigerators and freezers are both lightweight and resistant to damage and impacts from moisture. Equipped with a single vertically aligned door that swings open for easy access to the storage space within, 4 shelves, a cooling system that maintains a consistent and adjustable temperature range, ensuring the stored items remain fresh and safe to consume, adjustable digital thermostat and an automatic door reminder, that minimises temperature fluctuations when the door is opened, helping to conserve energy and maintain food quality.

Its sleek and low-profile design allows it to fit seamlessly into your current schematics, making it an ideal choice for kitchens, bars, or any area where space is limited. The upright design maximises storage capacity while also providing easy access to content, making it convenient for daily use. The ABS Series come in various sizes and configurations to suit different space requirements and storage needs, making them a versatile and valuable addition to any food service environment.

This product is covered with a Manufacturer’s 1 Years Parts Warranty.

  • Gas Type: R600A

  • Energy Efficiency Class: c

  • Climate Class: 4

  • Temperature Range: 0~8℃

  • Net Volume: 286 L

  • Power Type: 220-240V, 160W

  • Net Weight: 68 Kg

  • Foaming Thickness(mm):  70

  • Interior dimension (WxDxH): 454 x 475 x 1601 mm

  • Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x 615 x 1860 mm




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