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Professional Bone saw 1650mm Stainless steel | QJHW210A

Professional Bone saw 1650mm Stainless steel | QJHW210A

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Stainless steel commercial bone saw designed to cut fresh meat, bone and frozen meat. All of the internal metal parts including the upper wheel, lower wheel upper wheel hinge and the lower bearing housing are made with stainless steel. Electrical control system, it provides safety through dynamic braking and automatic overload protection. All frame and food contact parts are made with either stainless steel or polished anodized aluminum providing improved durability and sanitation. A hand guard provide safe and sanitary operation.If the door opens during operation, the installed sensor will automatically cut off power. The scaled shaft of the thickness adjusting plate allows a standardized and consistent product cut. The lower wheels have cleaning devices insuring improved durability and sanitation. The installed scrap box is easily removed for cleaning.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Electrical control system provides safty
  • Dynamic braking & automatic overload protection
  • The installed scrap box is easily removed for cleaning
  • Preferred brand you can trust
  • The lower wheels include robust cleaning devices
  • Improved durability & sanitation standards
  • Scaled shaft adjusting plate included
  • Consistent product cut
  • A hand guard provide safe & sanitary operation
  • Automatic sensor safety system installed
  • Pulley diamater: 210mm

Please see under 'Specification' for detailed information.

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