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291009 - Hamoki Food Warmer Cart

291009 - Hamoki Food Warmer Cart

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Model Number: DW-4WG

The Hamoki Food Warmer Carts are the perfect versatile and mobile heating solution designed to maintain the optimal temperature of food items while being transported or displayed.

These carts feature insulated compartments and shelves with heating elements that evenly distribute heat to keep a variety of dishes warm, fresh, and ready for serving. Commonly used in catering, food service, and hospitality settings, they allow for easy transportation of pre-cooked or prepared food, ensuring that it remains at safe and appetizing temperatures. Equipped with adjustable temperature controls, and convenient features such as wheels for effortless mobility and accessibility, they are ideal for buffets, banquets, or any event where maintaining food temperature is crucial, these food warmer carts are an essential tool for food industry professionals seeking efficiency and quality in food service.

  • Stainless steel structure
  • Thermostat controlled, durable and robust
  • Stamped Tank
  • Light Indicator
  • Anti-slip rubber foot
  • Hi-limiter to prevent dry heating
  • Heating and power indicators

This product is covered with a Manufacturer’s 1 Years Parts Warranty

DIMENSIONS: 1500 x 690 x 1400 mm
CAPACITY: GN 1/1 150mm x 2, GN 1/2 150mm x 2 & GN 1/3 150mm x 3
POWER: 4.2 KW / 240 V 50 Hz Two Plugs

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