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Passthrough Dishwasher Premium 500mm basket 48 baskets/hour Break tank Drain pump Detergent dosing pump 400V | ADX10TB

Passthrough Dishwasher Premium 500mm basket 48 baskets/hour Break tank Drain pump Detergent dosing pump 400V | ADX10TB

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This premium hood type dishwashers offers outstanding professional performance and exceptional economical operation for restaurants, hotels and other catering businesses. This item includes a
break tank as standard. The break tank is a separate reservoir with an air
overflow that acts as a barrier between any contaminated water and your fresh
water supply. The break tank means that no contaminated water, food debris or
bacteria can ever enter your freshwater supply, ensuring maximum hygiene for
clean glassware and crockery. A break tank is a
requirement for all high-risk businesses under the UK Water Board regulations.
That typically includes Nurseries, all Schools, Hospitals, and Care Homes. This item is fitted with a
drain pump for waste disposal. The pump is activated at the end of the washing
cycle to release dirty water from the machine. A drain pump is essential if the
drain is level or higher than the water outlet of the machine.


  • Single-skinned body and double skin doors.
  • Made in Italy
  • Power supply: 400V / 3N / 50Hz
  • With break tank
  • With drain pump
  • With detergent dosing pump
  • Easy-clean-filter system.
  • Two stainless-steel wash arms and two rinse arms of composite material, independent and rotary, removable without tools. 
  • Wash tank inclined to filters.
  • Self-draining inclined wash pump.
  • Tank and hood made of stainless-steel AISI 304.
  • Adjustable rinse aid dosing unit.
  • Auto-start hood.
  • Electromechanical control panel.

  • Washing Cycle 1: 75 sec (48 baskets/h)
  • Washing Cycle 2: 120 sec (30 baskets/h)
  • Washing Cycle 3: 180 sec (20 baskets/h)
  • Basket size: 500 x 500 mm
  • Wash pump power: 1.1 kW
  • Wash pump capacity: 503 litres/min
  • Element power (tank): 3 kW
  • Element power (boiler): 6 kW
  • Water supply temperature: +55°C
  • Water supply pressure: 200 - 400 kPa
  • Water supply hardness max: min. 7 max. 12°f
  • Washing temperature: +55°C
  • Rinsing temperature: +85°C
  • Capacity tank: 30 litres
  • Capacity boiler: 7 litres
  • Water consumption per cycle: 2.8 litres
  • Sound emission: 69 dB(A)
  • Total power: 7.1 kW

Included accessories

  • Baskets: 1x18 plates rack, 1 universal basket, 1 cutlery rack
  • Hoses (1 for each): Water connection, Drain, Transparent rinsing product


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